The Infinite Andromeda was founded in October 1989 by Hydra, Interphace and Dr. Jekyll. During the Easter of 1990, Andromeda and Mind Warriors initiated a co-operation that would eventually lead to the ceasing of the latter. The merger made an everlasting impact on the inner core of Andromeda: Mr. Hyde and Archmage.

Fuelled by the will of perfection, the Astral Demo Machinery worked with full strength and at the Imp 666 & No Limits party in 1990 (Arendal, Norway) the floodgates were opened: M-31 was released and came second in the demo competition. Soon Decaying Paradise was in the pipeline and finally released in June 1991.

After a series of mergers, Andromeda was extened with the membership of Andy, Blazer, Decker, Duel, Fairfax, HeadX, MCS, Mr. Man, View, William and Wood - to mention a few.

From 1991 to 1994 Andromeda's impact on the Amiga Demo Scene was unparalleled. Productions like Suffocation, D.O.S., Multica, Point Blank, Mindriot, Surrealism, Seven Seas and Mirror stand for themselves. In its final year of youthful activity, Andromeda surpassed its competitors at the two major events: "The Gathering '94" in Norway and "The Party '94" in Denmark with Sequential and Nexus 7 respectively.

13 years of silence is nothing: Ad astra, ad infinitum!