Stargazer final (18.01.2009)

At last, the final of our nvscene demo is out. Head over to for binaries, or for video.

We know that people mostly watch videos these days, but we recommend the real thing because of its hidden realtime qualities.

c64 Hat-trick (31.10.2008)

Pixel God Archmage won the gfx-compo at last week-end's X party. Picture right here.

Stargazer (29.08.2008)

Our newest demo in cooperation with Orb and Gloom / Excess, won the demo competition at NVScene / NVision.

[d]vision Demoscene meeting 0110 (10.04.2008)

Archmage gives a talk at [d]vision's demoscene meeting tonight at werkzeugH, Vienna, entitled "the Golden age of the Amiga demoscene". Head over if you are in the area.

2008 - year of delayed retaliation (09.04.2008)

Sadly, The Black Leather Belt of Subordination was confiscated by german border control. According to the letter we received, the Belt will be returned some time during the summer.

2008 - year of retaliation (02.01.2008)

The black leather belt of subordination is again out to whip some respect into makers of flybys and flatshaded, finite and static meshes.

Archmage, Hyde and Interphace will represent the Infinite Force at Breakpoint 2008.

Sleeping with ASD (07.08.2007)

First c64, now ASD. Archmage continues his escapades and contributed some grand 2d gfx to the winning demo of Assembly 2007.

Andromeda sends congratulations to the whole ASD team!

Big tight Pixels (07.08.2007)

Archmage won the Big Floppy People 2007 gfx-compo with his new picture entitled Datazombies From Hell. Go to csdb for a peek.

This is the 4th gfx-compo Archmage entered since the revival. More interestingly, this is also his 4th gfx-compo winning picture since the revival.

Birth of Electryon (26.07.2007)

Our newest release, the ZINE headlines intro, was designed using a betaversion of our new designtool, Electryon. The tool enables a realtime interaction between Maya and the target demo.

Our animator Oo was bluntly neglected in the making of Noumenon, and our goal with Electryon is to be able to draw from his artistic abilities and let our coders do what they should: make effects.

New intro (26.07.2007)

We are proud to present a small intro for Brainstorm's big surprise in 2007: The return of the legendary ZINE diskmag. Check out the release section. The visuals are simple but with the aid of Virgill's great music, this intro became quite enjoyable.